Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sedum 'Lynda Windsor' Flowering

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I'm going to have to see this plant next summer to see how it behaves for me. So far it's a little floppy but naturally it's also in its first year so who knows what it'll do next year. If it's floppy next year it's getting replaced by 'Chocolate Drop.'

Sedum 'Lynda Windsor'
Sedum 'Lynda Windsor'

Even floppy it does give some nice leaf colour year round and the flowers are an interesting colour too. More red than a lot of my other not-quite reds without being so different it doesn't fit in.


  1. What a neat color! Sort of mauvy! I really like it!

  2. Thanks for showing and explaining the habit, Andrew. We are still searching for the best dark sedum, having tried Black Jack, (not black enough)and Purple Emperor, (floppy but dark). Keep us posted! :-)

  3. It'll be interesting to see how these turn out...I've had the same problem with Postman's Pride...the color is wonderful, but soooo floppy...not sure why this is such a problem with the dark selections?

  4. Frances - if you can find 'Chocolate Drop' it's a fantastic compact dark leaved Sedum, probably the nicest all around I've seen but a little on the short side. 'Xenox' is nice and was fairly upright but recently got hit by very heavy rain and is now splayed out a little bit. Both of these also have larger leaves and my 'Xenox' also started flowering early for a Sedum.

    On the whole 'Lynda Windsor' is a lot like 'Purple Emperor' (and from pictures to 'Postman's Pride' as well) with the smaller dark leaves on tall stems, so I'm not too surprised that'd they'd all perform the same.

    Next year I will try pinching them back in late May to see if that helps.


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