Thursday, August 26, 2010

Saintpaulia picture, mobile blogging and trying to find the best Android Blogging App.

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I'm now testing Blogaway, it seems more polished than either of the apps I've already tried. Italics and bold are not as easy to use because you have to select the text first.The picture is of Saintpaulia "NOID0022".

Saintpaulia "NOID0022"

(I guess I mentioned in an earlier, now deleted post but basically new phone = blogging on the run, if I can find an Android app worth using. The phone's an Acer Liquid E, the picture above was taken with the built in camera which is really not the best but works well enough in bright lighting.)

I've since cleaned up this post after the fact which I think I'll have to do whichever of the apps i use to get formatting right, I'll probably either use BlogAway or Bloggeroid. I'll keep both for now and see how I like them after using them a bit.

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