Sunday, October 24, 2010

Move Finished

All Andrew's Plants has moved to

I have some behind the scenes things to fiddle around with like Categories/Tags, my Blogroll, the header etc but for all intents and purposes this blog is now live.

Feedburner seems to have done everything very well and if you only read this on an RSS Reader you may not even notice a difference.

Let me know if you run into any problems with anything and I'll try to work them out otherwise welcome - same blog, new location.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Moving to Wordpress

All Andrew's Plants has moved to

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I think that my blog will be moving to Wordpress over the next day or two. I'm reading up on it and it should be a quick painless process to move my blog over to a Wordpress blog. At the same time I'll merge my old Zone 5 blog posts into the same Wordpress blog and delete it. This blog will redirect automatically (Edit - there may be some difficulties here - it will redirect but it may not do it automatically so that may delay the process a little bit) and the RSS Feed will remain the same with the (new today) Feedburner address. All in all it should be a quick and painless move and hopefully at the end of the day everything will be much better for it.

I've already been playing around a little bit in Wordpress and the blog is set up (set to private at the moment) and it seems like a very good publishing platform that does what Blogger can only do using hacks and workarounds by default. Please consider AllAndrewsPlants on hiatus until the move is finished, it may take longer than I'd hoped!

New Plants

All Andrew's Plants has moved to

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Cyperus haspans - Dwarf Papyrus
Cyperus haspans - Dwarf Papyrus

Zantedeschia sp. (White Arum Lily)
Zantedeschia sp. - White Arum Lily

Hibiscus acetosella 'Burgundy Aquarius'
Hibiscus acetosella 'Burgundy Aquarius'

The Pond Department was clearing out the last of their tropical water plants, the ones that didn't even sell at 80% off, and I grabbed these three nice little plants.

The Hibiscus is a plant I've wanted since Aaerelon tweeted about it. Not so much that I'd jump at the chance to get it when they were 80% off, but certainly enough to settle for the worst looking one for no charge!

The Dwarf Papyrus is interesting. I've never been overly thrilled by them before but I've seen a few pictures of some nice big ones that have made me reconsider. Unfortunately I don't have space for the nice big ones but hopefully after quarantine/division/repotting I'll be able to have some of this in my Mom's turtle tank and I can have some in my fish tank and another bit to put outside over the summer.

This particular Zantedeschia sp. is possibly (I stand to be corrected here) the showiest flower on an Aroid (In terms of being beautiful and elegant anyway). Others may be larger or smell more like dead bodies but this is just stunning. It came with some moss and Azolla as top dressing.

I've tried keeping Azolla indoors before but it didn't work out (too little light) so hopefully I can have better luck with it this winter. I absolutely love the way it grows right over wet soil without issue just as easily as it spreads over water, forming a stunning mat of green (or red in high light).

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Really cool winter container idea + more

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This container featuring Protea blooms was pretty sweet. Unfortunately I did not catch the name of the designer but if I can get it I'll post to give him credit. It was a pretty sweet container all around. They will apparently do well outside in a container over the winter provided they stay frozen. Freezing & thawing will do no good for them.

I may have managed to get my blog to redirect to the Google reader provided mobile friendly version of my site but just to test if you have a smartphone could you visit my blog by typing in the url and let me know if the redirect works for you?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Aloe flowers open + More succulent pictures

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Aloe Full Plant Shot

Aloe Flower Spike

Aloe Flower Closeup
Closer still.

While I had my camera equipment set up (cough - lamp turned on, stool in front of a large speaker) I decided to shoot a my Echeveria I'm still waiting on and another that's not going to flower soon but is offsetting nicely.

Echeveria Full Plant Shot
I think this might actually be Graptoveria 'Debbie' or 'Spirit of 76' - thoughts? It's already losing some colour from the lower light inside - it's a fantastic frosted pink outside in full sun.

Echeveria pulidonis?

Also thanks to Mr. Subjunctive (Congrats on your blogiversary!) Cactus Blog for the link love today.