Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Bougainvillea pictures

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Sorry to those who can grow these outdoor for whom this is nothing special but for me this plant keep exceeding my expectations so you get to keep hearing about it.

Bougainvillea Flowering mid-branch
I did not expect blooms mid branch. I'm am surprised and thrilled by this discovery! So far a few branches have two of these side shoots, another has three. More flowers and fewer bare green leafy stems wins this plant even more points.

As a bonus you get a larger shot showing three branches in full bloom.


  1. They grow like weeds out here in SF, but I was still really excited when I planted mine. I can't believe how big yours is getting.

  2. These plants with all the sun in the world will explode with color!!! And you don't have to water them too much once established!! The only part that I do not like are the needle spines especially when they are by walkways!!

  3. I think they are just so beautiful. I wish they would grow outdoors in my zone 5. Love the red color of yours Andrew.

  4. Hopefully next spring when I pot it up into a larger container I'll see a little bit more of that drought tolerance... not seeing much while it's still in a 2 gallon pot ;) Definitely not a fan of those spines either!

    I almost wish it were a little smaller! I'll be more prepared next year and train it up instead of letting it grow out.

  5. When I was a child my dad carefully braided the young vines as they grew upward, they ended up looking like terraced grape vines. Very pretty :)


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