Sunday, May 9, 2010

Viola sororia

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Viola sororia is a weed that I have given up against. It has won and I have lost.

It's pretty enough but it's aggressive and smothers smaller plants. I will have to keep pulling it away from my Trilliums because otherwise it will smother them too.


  1. a weed! lol we love that little native here in Scotland - I have one called sororia rubra in the garden but my favourite is sororia odorata freckles. Send the ones you dig up over to my place!

    seriously I know what its like when a plant just loves your garden and just grows like wild - I have a few others like that like my ladies mantle.

  2. It's very nice in many ways - good show of flowers, dense groundcover that prevents other weeds from really having a chance, no pests or diseases to cause any problems... It just grows so much where I don't want it and is hard to get rid of where it isn't wanted.

    I have seen it naturalized in lawns near me and it looks fantastic there, I just don't want it in my garden.


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