Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Exciting plant event: Clematis 'Rebecca' flowered

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Clematis 'Rebecca'
Clematis 'Rebecca' flower, picture taken last summer.

I think this is in a tight race for my favourite plant ever (with what else I'm not sure - it's a top 5 list that has 10 or so plants in it that change order constantly) because (so far) it's a pretty low maintenance vine that puts on a gorgeous show for what I can only assume is a very long time. You may recall that this plant was still flowering for me at the start of December after only being planted that year in June. It sprung up out of the ground early in the year and has already reached a solid 4-5' (and is still going) and has just started to flower today.

Now based on where the Irises are this year compared to previous years maybe I should expect this to start flowering at the end of May rather than when it is this year but regardless everything this plant has done since I bought it a year ago (last Mother's day actually) has surprised and impressed me.

I'm also switching to the first of my new blog themes, based appropriately enough on this Clematis.


  1. Hello Andrew, I really enjoyed reading your posts and looking at those wonderful flowers that you were able to grow. Among all your posts, I have to say that this is my favorite. This flower is truly extraordinary and captivating. Keep posting more wonderful pictures and articles. Thanks!

  2. Hello Andrew - I just don't know how I found you but I did and I'm delighted to read at your blog - I love houseplants though my own blog has really only got a few articles on them so far. It should have more as its what I specialised in in horticulture but don't tell anyone lol as my greater love is my outdoor plants.

    My clematis took a terrible hit with our Scottish winter and I will see few blooms this year. I've never seen that clematis here and it looks lovely a type 2 I take it if it flowers in May? - so many varieties and some are more suitable to some climates that others.

    :) Rosie


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