Friday, May 28, 2010

New Plant: Bletilla striata

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I've just planted a Bletilla striata in a shady corner of my garden near my ferns.

Bletilla striata
Bletilla striata

The flowers are gorgeous, a really vibrant pink on a flower that is clearly an orchid. Less than half the price of my failed Cypripedium reginae which was eaten by a squirrel. (We've since gotten new Cypripedium reginae plants at work which are a larger size than last year (in bud actually) and cheaper, but I won't try it again for a few more years.)

I will be mulching this area with a deep layer of mulch after a thorough weeding. I may also provide additional winter protection from a rose hut of sorts (DIY style) - which is apparently good to have around to protect them from late frosts in spring.

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