Monday, March 8, 2010


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Spring comes late for me. Even today my yard is covered in snow (it apparently hit 14 degrees Celcius, that's 57 Farenheit).

(That also happens to be the full extent of my front yard, viewed out my bedroom window)

I took that picture at 12:30 this afternoon. By mid summer the sun will reach all the way to the bottom of that picture (Where garden ends and bricks start) and I can grow full sun plants no problem, as long as they don't need a hot spring or long growing season, because that's not something I can give them. Keep in mind as you look at that picture that that is considerably less snow than I'm normally dealing with at this time of year.

On the plus side you can see the most amazing Crab apple across the street. In April it will be covered in white flowers even when my yard may still have snow.


  1. I really like crab apples, especially the ones without fruit so there's no mess and yellow jackets in the fall. 14C?? Yeah! We'll be getting up to 11C this week.

  2. This one has fruit (you can see it in the picture, still on the tree) but they are small, maybe blueberry sized and not overly messy.

    I don't know if it was actually 14 degrees. It was warm and when I was writing the post the internet was telling me it was 14... Right now I think 5 would feel warm though so it doesn't really matter too much.


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