Sunday, March 21, 2010

Plant ID & an Orchid

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So there's this plant that looks a lot like a Senecio rowleyanus but the leaves are elongated to a point, more the shape of the leaves on a Sedum morganianum but with the growth habit and colour of Senecio rowleyanus. Any ideas?

I also fell in love with an Epc. Yucatan today.

Epc. Yucantan

It may be coming home from work with me this week. I didn't check if it was fragrant though my Epc. (Now Gcy.) Kyoguchi is slightly fragrant.

Everything is telling me I should steer clear of this plant but it's perfect and I need it.

Oh, and I think I have thrips. In my terrarium. I'm only seeing signs of damage on my Cryptocorynes which I will soak for a few days and keep a very close eye on everything else in there. What should I use on the other plants?


  1. *Maybe Senecio radicans?

    *If everybody says you'll be sorry . . . um.

    *I think thrips respond to the same stuff everything else does. Neem, imidacloprid, whatever. I don't have any specific experience with this, though.

  2. Likely Senecio radicans. I'll have a closer look at it tomorrow but I think you're right.

    I think mostly the price is telling me to stay away. It would be the most expensive orchid I've ever bought and I'm not sure it's worth the price. And I haven't had the best of success with the Cattleya alliance, though I hardly kill them left right and center. The part of me that has no will power wants this plant and the rest of me is wondering if I'll still want it in a few days. There's only one though. Maybe I'll hold off and think about it more. Maybe I'll buy it this week. Maybe someone else will buy it and I won't have to worry about it.

    I will try Safer's End-All II. It's supposed to be effective against them in their adult stage.

  3. Sorry can't help, but very lovely flowers.


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