Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cryptocoryne wendtii "Green 01" second flowering

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I was watering some stuff today when I noticed I had almost missed the second bloom on this plant (third from the genus, second from this form). These flowers are not colourful and unless you're a beetle or fly you don't notice their fairly bad fragrance. The colour blends well with the surrounding leaves and are not much taller than them and on the whole look a lot like a leaf uncurling.

Cryptocoryne wendtii "Green01" Second blooming
C. wendtii "Green 01" inflorescence, showing the curled limb, possibly a little taller than in the first flowering, though maybe in part that's a result of the camera angle.

Cryptocoryne wendtii "Green01" Second blooming
C. wendtii "Green 02" inflorescence, showing the collar and throat of the spathe. Pretty similar to last time.

As a bonus though as I was poking around in my tank I noticed that my C. undulata is sending up an inflorescence as well! That will be a first for this species (and slightly more importantly I'll get to confirm that that is what this is).

Cryptocoryne undulata developing inflorescence
C. undulata, developing inflorescence. You can see in this picture the cathaphylls (undeveloped/modified leaves found on some plants) which in Crypts tend to be either a precursor to flowering or a sign of a mature plant (i.e., a plant that's likely to flower) depending on who you ask. My C. pontederiifolia seems to have these even though it is not mature or likely to flower soon. your mileage may vary.

I'll post a picture of that once it opens but spoiler alert: the inside of the limb should be yellow.

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  1. It's kind of creepy, but in a good way :) Very interesting.


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