Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Perennials for 2010 + New Plant.

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I spent all yesterday being trained - part of this included talks from a number of suppliers each of whom talked about the new introductions they're carrying.

One of the most exciting perhaps was the Heucherella 'Golden Zebra' because it has very similar foliage to Pelargonium 'Vancouver Centennial,' only hardy, and with more of everything.

There were a few double Helleborus from the "Winter Jewels TM" line - 'Painted Doubles' was the nicest we saw in flower. One that was supposed to be white was actually pink, and one that was supposed to be purple was also pink, and they were both very nice but just not as nice as 'Painted Doubles'

Heuchera 'Mint Julep' was nice as well. Would be excellent if you've had bad luck with Brunnera 'Jack Frost' but want similar colours in your shade garden.

Hosta 'Niagara Falls' was an interesting new take on a common plant. This site has a nice picture of one. The veining is nice enough I guess but the undulated leaf margin is a really nice touch.

Sedum telephium ssp. ruprechtii ‘Hab Gray’ has yellow flowers. Cool.

I walked away from the meeting with a Colocasia 'Diamond Head' which I'll take a picture of on the weekend. Solid black leaves (they uncurl green but seem to quickly darken) on burgundy petioles. And it can get big.

I'm also beginning to feel less strongly about needing that orchid. There are actually two and they're still there. I might wait and see if they go on clearance when they finish blooming.

Update: The Colocasia has some pretty bad hard water marks on the leaves, picture will be delayed.


  1. Heucherella 'Golden Zebra', and hardier too than the Pelargonia... I think a winner for the season coming up. Matti

  2. I think so too. Huge colour from it. I can't imagine normal Heucherella flowers looking right with those leaves though.

    Would definitely not look right in my garden though, that's for sure (I'd be more likely to pick up a Heuchera 'Mint Julep'). Would look fantastic in containers though.

    Depending on price I'll be doing up a few containers with it for work. Maybe I'll do some up regardless...

  3. The Heucherella and the Helleborus would be my picks! I have some weird aversion to hellebore, however--I associate with Martha Stewart, and she keeps snubbing me, so I snub hellebores. It really isn't the plant's fault, it's just caught in the middle. The flower looks pretty, however, so maybe I can start forgiving it and focus my enmity toward the proper recipient.


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