Thursday, December 3, 2009

Phalaenopsis pictures

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Both taken on my phone today at work.

The first is exciting because I really like this one. I hadn't really seen any Phalaenopsis orchids with this sort of orange/cream colour and the faint pink blush on the two petals on the side adds a bit of depth to the whole thing. I've had my eye on this one since we first got it in several weeks ago and we finally wrote it off today since we got a new batch of orchids in and needed the space (it has a second spike that's around 8" tall so hopefully that won't be set back too much by the move).

NOID Phalaenopsis

I'm not typically a fan of Phals with stripes or spots or splotches (other than what you'd typically find on the column/lip area) but the four corners type spotting with the lighter purple towards the outside of the two larger petals really stood out for me from the latest batch. I may need to buy this one, haven't decided yet.

NOID Phalaenopsis

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