Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dtps. Sogo Tris 'MP0980' & other peloric orchids.

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Apparently Dtps. Sogo Tris morphs commonly produce peloric plants, 'MP0980' being one of them. The raised yellow markings in the two side petals are somewhat developed lips rather than normal petals, which is what gave those petals both their unusual edge shape as well as the raised yellow part. Phalaneopsis Sogo Tris 'Wacko' represents an extreme form of the same thing but where the extra lips are much more developed.

Dtps. Fullers Miss 'Peloric' is another very similar orchid.

This orchid is one of the most perfect of this sort of peloric orchid I have seen.

I have also seen (but unfortunately didn't save a link to) a peloric Cattleya which did not have a lip or column at all, just two petals and two sepals if I remember it right.

Oh, and the second flower opened right-side up which made the whole thing much more normal looking, though still with more lips than normal.

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