Tuesday, December 15, 2009


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If there's one thing I've learned it's that a plant we've had at work longer than a week has a very high chance of having mealybugs.

This means getting an orchid in, waiting for it to go out of flower and then taking it home is a pretty sure way to get mealybugs, fortunately the plant was free and I was sort of expecting it enough that the plant has not been close to any other plants since I brought it home.

I've now taken it out of the pot, removed all the moss it was in and sprayed it heavily with End-all. I figure that since it's already out of the medium and all that I'm going to try potting up the Phal in semi-hydroponic culture - I figure it's a good time to try it, lots of healthy root growth on the plant, it's already got all the moss cleaned off the roots and it was a free plant to begin with!

Top priority is getting rid of the mealybugs (I will not be potting up the plant until they are gone) and then getting it to grow in s/h culture. Will keep you posted on how it all works.

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