Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NOID Orchid picture

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Picture taken summer 2008

Some sort of Miltonia/Miltoniopsis/Miltonidium. We've had it for a while but it was the only save from the great scale purge. We now have two of these, one the main plant and the other was a small growth off a back bulb which is now doing well with a second shoot. Keeping it a lot "wetter" than it had been and it's been rewarding us (so far) with healthy looking pseudo bulbs and good root growth. Didn't flower this year but with any luck next year we'll see something from it.


  1. Interesting. It kind of looks like a pansy that decided it wanted to be an orchid.

  2. Good call - Pansy Orchid is actually a common name for both Miltonia and Miltoniopsis.

    The more I look into them the more I find I want more of them. It's a vicious circle.


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