Sunday, December 27, 2009

Amaryllis 'Black Pearl'

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Amaryllis 'Black Pearl'
Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) 'Black Pearl'

This was in flower for Christmas but due to circumstances (i.e., cats) the first flower was knocked off before opening, the second had tooth marks in it, the third had a crooked top petal and the fourth was blocked by the second flower stalk, which is now open and fantastic. Flowers are very large and basically as nice a red colour as you could ask for in a flower (or anything else). It's a nice red - no real hint of pink or orange and a fairly dark red without looking like it's trying to be black (though the name hints that someone really wanted it to be darker). I'll be trying to re-bloom this one next year but if that doesn't work I'd be more than willing to buy the same one again.

We also had one at work I meant to take a picture of called 'Evergreen' which was different, interesting and fairly cheap (a potted one cost less than 'Black Pearl' bare-root) but didn't get to take a picture of. There are pictures around though.

Exciting things at work assuming a few things. Nothing is confirmed yet so I won't go into details (yet) but it could be good.

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