Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tropicals at the Toronto Zoo

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Here are a few pictures I took at the Toronto Zoo today. Mostly stuck to the Americas pavilion today which seems to have the most interesting plants of any section of the Toronto Zoo (The Indomalaya pavilion is a very close second).

Eucharis x grandiflora
Eucharis x grandiflora

Heliconia flowers and Monstera leaves
Heliconia flowers and Monstera leaves.

Bird's Nest Anthurium
Bird's Nest Anthurium (Anthurium hookeri?)

ID Plant
Not sure what this one is.

Tillandsia wall
Jealous of this Tillandsia wall. I've never actually noticed it before.


  1. Looks like it to me, thanks!

    The zoo has some signs for their plants but not even close to enough.


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