Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Orchids

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I picked up two new Orchids today - a Den. phal hybrid of some sort and something that belongs to the Oncidium alliance. It wasn't labelled at all (anymore) so I've really got no leads other than its alliance.

The other is easy (Not that I have a name or anything. I really don't even know what colour flowers it has):

NOID Dendrobium phalaenopsis
NOID Dendrobium phalaenopsis (hybrid)

From my research I should start to water and fertilize fairly heavily once the new shoots roots start to grow. Then I should let it rest (but not a complete rest rest, just reduce watering and no fertilizer rest) once the growth stops (I guess I'll figure out when that is when it happens?) and hopefully it'll bloom in the spring. Then, once even more new growth starts in the spring and starts to put out roots, water again, letting it rest at the end of the summer for a fall flowering. Doesn't sound too bad.

The plant needs to be re-potted though, as I'm sure 90% of the roots on this thing are visible in the picture and the medium is complete garbage (compacts so much when dry, really not good when it's supposed to go dry for long periods of time). Seems like it'll stay too wet the rest of the time too.

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