Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Must get - small cardboard palm

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We've just gotten a pretty big shipment of tropicals from Florida and there's a lot of interesting things. I'm most likely to get this: a small "bonsai" cardboard palm. Also of note are some Vandas, a nice "bonsai" ponytail palm (nice, but a little more common so I can wait to pick one up) and a whole lot of nice Euphorbias (which I'm also willing to wait on).

Of course things haven't been 100% unpacked so I'll have to see if anything else jumps out at me. Space is limited so I need to make sure whatever I get is something I really "need." Maybe also a few of the more interesting Euphorbias...


  1. The cardboard palms are so neat...finding them more and more all around down here in south florida! I agree with you on the euphorbias...I could develop a real addiction to collecting them all, I have to fight against myself constantly!!!


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