Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A few more flowering Saintpaulia cvv. for you

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It's hard to be too excited about an African Violet flowering because they do it so much it's really not that big a deal. I'll try though, these are some of the more interesting.

Saintpaulia "NOID0020"
"NOID 0020" - I lied, this one is not interesting. It is pretty though. Actually a bit part of the reason I like this one is not pictured here. The leaves are large, and round, and light green. The white flowers bring it all together but they've mostly been opening under the larger leaves above. So I was really only able to get a good shot of this one flower that's decided to make itself visible. I also had to do some serious photo-shopping to get any detail in the flower without having it horribly underexposed or with highlights blown. It worked well but what you can see of the leaves is way way darker than they actually are.

Saintpaulia 'Rebel's Splatter Kake'
Saintpaulia 'Rebel's Splatter Kake' - I've posted this one several times before. I was happy to see a large head of flowers on it... But most of them do not have the same quality or amount of spotting on them, so another closeup it is. I think the colour's closer to the real thing in this picture, and the light is softer and maybe the focus is sharper so you get to see it again.

Saintpaulia "NOID0006"
"NOID 0006" - I think this was ID'd as Saintpaulia 'Sergeant Pepper' but we did not (apparently) update the label. I like it.

Just for fun I'll throw in a bonus:

Streptocarpus 'Sultan's Ruby'
Streptocarpus 'Sultan's Ruby' first bloom. It's dark but red, not the purple you saw here.


  1. Nice, unusual colours unlike the ubiquitous deep purple that we have around here. Paarticularly like the Saintpaulia 'Rebel's Splatter Kake.

  2. I too collect the violets. My favorite are the whites, so I was not disappointed that you 'lied' in the first photo. I think it is pretty, too.

  3. Came from another blog. I like the last one! I have two, but after we moved (lot less light) one has stopped blooming -and of course -it was my favorite one -they're standing next to each other, so I don't know what the deal is. Do you have nay suggestions?

  4. Did you only move recently? The one that's still flowering may have had buds already formed which are still opening. They flower cyclically as well, with alternating periods of heavy bloom and no blooming, so it may be a question of waiting... or you may have to increase the light they're getting somehow. They very well under artificial light so that might be something to look into as well if you have space for something like that. If it's been a while since it was last re-potted and nothing else seems to be working you can try that too, not necessarily even going up a pot size, just refreshing the soil a little bit.

  5. My fav is the 'Rebel's Splatter Kake'!!! I pretty much adore any AV though.....

  6. The 'Sultan's Ruby' is spectacular.


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