Sunday, April 11, 2010

New cactus - Opuntia sp.

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Opuntia sp.
Opuntia sp.

It looks like the supplier we get our hardy cactus from grows them from seed or something. We got two flats in sometime over the last two days and there was some big variation between the plants! A lot of them looked very similar to the one I already have but I did find one with nice big spines (some in excess of an inch) and some fantastic purple winter colour. Of course I have nowhere to put it. So? It's joining my succulent bowl until I can figure something out. Also joining the group was a tiny bit of Delosperma nubigenum that I'm not sure if I want to unleash on my garden.

I'll be finding somewhere to plant most of these well before winter. Cutting of most of them but the cactus in full. Unless there's some easy way to winter them like "toss the whole thing dry in an unheated garage and forget about it until the temperatures rise." That would be nice.

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