Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, April 2010

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Honestly I would have expected a little more for April's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day this month. It was apparently not meant to be.

Daffodils. You've seen this picture here before. You've seen Daffodils before. Nothing overly exciting here.

There are many things still flowering that were flowering in March and actually everything I posted in February is either still flowering or is flowering again.

Pansy. I've got the tag somewhere still with the name. Not overly important though I'd say. I do like this one though and it will probably end up in my summer containers too.

My Paphiopedilum and both Phalaenopsis and that have been flowering for the past two months have not changed even a little bit. Each and every flower is still holding on, still looking as perfect as they did when they had just opened.

I've fallen a little bit out of love with Saintpaulia 'Ma's Crime Scene.' The flowers are a fantastic colour and the leaves are perfect but they flowers are thick, and heavy. Individual flowers last over three weeks but they are not held strongly over the plant and that ruins the overall effect.

Another Pansy.

Daffodils and Pansies are all that are blooming outside. Crocus came and went, too late for March, too early for April. My Euphorbia myrsinites is so close to flowering, some stems are just starting to open up at the tips but it will likely be another week before it's putting on its best show. By May there should be a few more things, a very large patch of Dwarf Iris that will be shrinking this summer should be flowering. Can't say there will actually be too much more than that, I think I've got my garden geared towards a strong June that doesn't let up until snow falls rather than have too much space devoted to spring plants.


  1. Love the purple and yellow pansy! Having blooms hang on from February is worth noting..

  2. Perhaps nothing overly exciting about daffodils, but they sure can light up a garden and brighten ones day. I wish they would last a little longer though as cut flowers.

  3. Very true. They may be plain but I'll never have a garden without them. Mine have been flowering for a few weeks now but we did have a few as cut flowers and they only lasted a few days.


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