Saturday, February 6, 2010

Phalaenopsis NOID Flowering

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This opened at the end of January. Strangely enough it's a lot more green than it was before. Will see how it changes as the flower ages, though so far not much. I'm not too disappointed as it was free, it flowers in winter and has a (short) history of producing multiple spikes. There are only three flowers (was four, one blasted) on this spike but it's the second spike this season - it's not uncommon for subsequent spikes to have fewer blooms - and it was re-potted into SH while this spike was developing so I'm happy it's flowering at all.

NOID Phalaenopsis
Phalaenopsis NOID

Once these flowers finish I will cut off the entire spike down to the leaves, uproot it, clean up the roots that have gone bad and move it up into a large deli container size pot to give it room for the growth I've been told I can expect from these guys in SH.

This plant's on a table beside my bed by the window, so I get to look at this every morning first thing when I wake up. It's a nice place to have plants.


  1. nice specimen. Is SH = Shade?

  2. Nope, semi-hydroponic/passive hydroponic. I've seen pictures online showing great results using this approach and I'm trying it on a few select plants. This was the first I planted that way.


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