Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Page - "Plant List"

All Andrew's Plants has moved to AllAndrewsPlants.wordpress.com

You can find this post here on my new site for the full post and to leave comments.

Blogger currently has a new feature called "Pages" in testing. Very basic and easy (get to it by going to draft.blogger.com) and you'll find it under Posting/Edit Pages.

I've started a Plant List page (only covers tropicals and is still very much a work in progress).

May add an FAQ as well later on. Blogger supports/will support up to 10 of these stand-alone pages, which is more than enough for me right now, especially since trying to write up a plant list is hard enough. I'm dreading starting the Gesneriad section!


  1. That is an ambitious project. I admire that you are tackling it, and inspiring me to act on my desire to keep a better record of what we have in our garden (indoors and out). Matti

  2. Very interesting. Thanks for bringing this feature to light.


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