Monday, January 11, 2010

Orchids I didn't buy

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And with theft out of the way here's tomorrow's post, today.

We had both of these at work a while back (I think they both sold on Boxing Day actually) that I was tempted to get but at the end of the day couldn't justify.

Cattleya alliance intergenic NOID - Resembles Bc. Maikai

This one was really tempting but it didn't have a name (which I'd recently decided was a problem for me) and was a member of the Cattleya alliance, which I hadn't had a ton of luck with. Very attractive and uncommon were there under the plus column but not so much that I'd go for it.

Oncidium alliance intergenic NOID

This was only sort of interesting - I've seen many Oncidium intergenics that are both more attractive and interesting. Floriferous and fairly attractive but at the end of the day wasn't too hard to walk away from.

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