Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions

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First off, Happy New Year!

Secondly, in 2010 I will aim to do the following with regard to plants:

  • Water better. This includes keeping a closer eye on all plants and learning more about the cultural needs, using proper soil (I'm pretty ok at that), and fertilizer for each plant in my collection.

  • Keep better records. I have begun a spreadsheet where I will list the plants I have and include pictures, flowering time, last re-potting and so on.

    Cymbidium 2
    NOID Cymbidium, which I also apparently don't know what it needs in terms of water and resting etc or it would be in spike right now.

  • Limit or cut out the purchase of NOID plants (that sort of beige Phal with the orange is a much less useful name than Dtps. Sogo Tris 'MP0890'), orchids especially. Preferably (with regards to orchids at least) I will try to limit my purchases to awarded varieties (Onc. Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance' AM/AOS) and species (Ludisia discolor) though in the event that there's a super awesome variety that hasn't been awarded I won't really say no.

  • Improve pest control. I will not bring home a plant known to have any scale &/or mealybugs. Period. I have too much to lose if I do bring home any bad pests. Also, quarantine all new plants for a reasonable period.

    1. Holy crap that Cymbidium is gorgeous.

    2. Thanks.

      It has sort of an interesting story behind it. When I bought (for my dad last Christmas) it it was in bud, and there were none of the same plants at work that were in flower, but the only thing I could tell was that it would have pointed petals, rather than the round ones that are so much more common. My guess would have been for darker flowers based on the colour of the buds but I would have been very wrong. So then it sat on my desk for a week or so and started to open and that was basically my reaction too.

      And it smells like a rose.

      Now I just need to try and re-bloom it.


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