Saturday, October 23, 2010

Moving to Wordpress

All Andrew's Plants has moved to

You can find this post here on my new site for the full post and to leave comments.

I think that my blog will be moving to Wordpress over the next day or two. I'm reading up on it and it should be a quick painless process to move my blog over to a Wordpress blog. At the same time I'll merge my old Zone 5 blog posts into the same Wordpress blog and delete it. This blog will redirect automatically (Edit - there may be some difficulties here - it will redirect but it may not do it automatically so that may delay the process a little bit) and the RSS Feed will remain the same with the (new today) Feedburner address. All in all it should be a quick and painless move and hopefully at the end of the day everything will be much better for it.

I've already been playing around a little bit in Wordpress and the blog is set up (set to private at the moment) and it seems like a very good publishing platform that does what Blogger can only do using hacks and workarounds by default. Please consider AllAndrewsPlants on hiatus until the move is finished, it may take longer than I'd hoped!

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