Monday, October 18, 2010

Aloe flowers open + More succulent pictures

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Aloe Full Plant Shot

Aloe Flower Spike

Aloe Flower Closeup
Closer still.

While I had my camera equipment set up (cough - lamp turned on, stool in front of a large speaker) I decided to shoot a my Echeveria I'm still waiting on and another that's not going to flower soon but is offsetting nicely.

Echeveria Full Plant Shot
I think this might actually be Graptoveria 'Debbie' or 'Spirit of 76' - thoughts? It's already losing some colour from the lower light inside - it's a fantastic frosted pink outside in full sun.

Echeveria pulidonis?

Also thanks to Mr. Subjunctive (Congrats on your blogiversary!) Cactus Blog for the link love today.


  1. Nice aloe blooms, but that last succulent photo is just so, so, so gorgeous!!!!!

  2. Love those aloe blooms, they are so elegant and understated...and that Echeveria is divine!


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