Friday, July 9, 2010

New Haworthia & Maybe an Aloe descoingii x Aloe haworthioides

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Haworthia ID
Likely Haworthia minima?

Haworthia ID
Possibly Aloe descoingsii x Aloe haworthioides

The second is a tiny plant, forming a decent looking clump in a 2.5" pot. Small hooks on the edges of the leaves and in a single row down the center of the leaf on the top surface and slightly offset from center on the bottom. Tubercles are fairly evenly distributed on the rest of the leaf surface.

I think it might be Aloe descoingsii x Aloe haworthioides. I assume it would prefer higher light than you can get away with with many Haworthia species?


  1. I think I bought the same plant as your Aloe descoingsii x Aloe haworthioides a week or two ago. I was just assuming that it was a straight A. haworthioides, though. What does descoingsii bring to the party?

  2. Good question. I sort of stumbled on the cross and it very closely matched so I didn't really question it.

    A. haworthioides seems to have longer narrower leaves with longer spines giving it almost the look of a fuzzy Haworthia attenuata.

    A. descoingsii seems to have the same leaf shape (short and broad) as the plant in question. The spines are not as long either.

    Aloe descoingsii x Aloe haworthioides has the same leaf shape and smaller spines of descoingsii and the orientation of the spines of haworthioides.

    I don't think either species more closely matches the plant more closely than the cross seems to. Unfortunately it came without any useful tags in a tray of mixed Haworthias so I don't have any solid backing for the ID other than the pictures I've found online.

  3. Well, it is very cute, regardless!!! :)


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