Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Plant: Sempervivum 'Cherry Tart' & Twitter

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Picked this up a few days ago.

Sempervivum 'Cherry Tart'
Sempervivum 'Cherry Tart' - Picture doesn't show how dark this one really is.

I imagine I'll be spending every spring from now on dividing and cutting back all these little filler plants I'm getting this year. Look for a post on some of my new tiny hostas coming soon when I can get some pictures.

I've also (finally) signed up for Twitter. You can find me here. I'll likely use it for little things that don't generally warrant a full blog post, or things I feel like mentioning but don't have a good picture to go along with etc...


  1. Nice! I will be watching for Sempervivum 'Cherry Tart' here in I just can't get enough of the Sempervivums!


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