Saturday, October 17, 2009

Aerangis biloba flower

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Aerangis biloba, an orchid from Madagascar and member of the interesting subtribe Angraecinae. These orchids generally have white, spurred and fragrant flowers (pollinated by some sort of moth I imagine - the fragrance is usually only noticeable at night for many of these plants).

Aerangis biloba
Aerangis biloba

I bought mine in February at the Southern Ontario Orchid Show and was thrilled to find it in spike in late September. I figured when I bought it that it was too small to be flowering size and am so glad to have been proven wrong. Since I bought it it's also grown four leaves (considerably larger than the older leaves) and several new roots (considerably thicker than the older roots).

Aerangis biloba
Aerangis biloba

I grow mine mounted in a 20 gallon greenhouse (where my Cryptocorynes grow emersed as well) which will need to be larger when it next flowers. Might even need to be larger by the time this thing finishes - at first the spike on the right extended horizontally but has become much more vertical as it developed. I still have a few more inches before the lowest flowers become submerged but I don't really have anywhere else to put it if that happens.

It seems to be tolerant of low light and with my humidity only needs to be watered around once a week (others who I guess have lower humidity water daily, or mist several times daily and soak once or twice a week).

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